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The Episodes

Oui Louvre Paris Deux!
Mona Lisa? Eiffel Tower? Catacombs filled with skulls? Bring 'em all on in Part Two of our Special Two-Part Paris Series! Find out which French cooking class to take, how long the lines are to enter the Louvre, and why the Eiffel Tower at midnight is the most romantic place in the world!
Oui Louvre Paris Un!
The City of Love, Lights, and All Sorts of Great Food beckons on Part One of our Special Two-Part Paris Series! Join us as we find cafe's, fight insane crowds, and smooch on the River Seine! As a special bonus, hear about the drive that made Marie drop her Uber membership!
Vegas Baby!
When Sin City calls, you accept the charges! This episode takes on the good, the bad, and the amazing so you can explore all that Las Vegas has to offer! Learn how to upgrade your room, eat the perfect meal, explore the Strip, and even crush a car with a tank!
N'awlins Part Deux!
Burlesque, cooking gumbo, and flaming bananas take center stage in Part Two of our two-part series on The Big Easy! We check out shucked oysters, take on unlimited Bloody Marys, and learn what separates Creole and Cajun cuisines!
N'awlins Part Un!
Part One of our two-part series on the French Quarter, Mardi Gras, Bourbon Street, and everything else that makes New Orleans an incredible vacay location! Let's hit up NOLA for tasty drinks, Creole and Cajun vittles, real jazz, and a behind the scenes peek at making floats for the Mardi Gras parades!
Hospital Room.jpeg
Charge to 200! Clear!
Frank almost died! Yup, this episode talks about his near-death experience, what a heart attack feels like, and how to stay healthy to get out of the hospital and back on vacation! As a bonus, find out the ten weirdest items that TSA confiscated in 2021!
The Jack Of All Daniels!
Jack Daniel's Distillery is not a vacation, it's a pilgrimage! But even in this place of yummy deliciousness, you can still screw it up! Join us in Lynchburg, Tennessee, and learn how to make the most of this incredible whiskey tour!
Lubbly Dubbly!
Part Four of our four-part Ireland series spotlights the style, cuisine, and landmarks of Dublin! Learn how to pour a pint of Guinness, why the sport of Hurling is spectacular, which writers are featured in pub crawls, and what is the proper name for the Rod to God!
Ireland Down Southie!
Part Three of our four-part Ireland series hits the southern coast of the Emerald Isle! Take in Copper Coast, Waterford Crystal, the Ring of Kerry, and find out about the Titanic Experience that will make you question Leonardo DiCaprio!
Cliffs Of Moher! Cliffs Of Less!
Part Two of our four-part Ireland series takes on the Irish Wild Atlantic Way! This west-coast tour spotlights the coolness of the Irish language, the deliciousness of Galway, the awesomeness of sheer sea cliffs, and why you must stay overnight on the Aran Islands!
Kiss Me Blarney Stone!
Part One of our four-part Ireland series kicks off with a smooch on the Blarney Stone! Learn why claustrophobic tourists may have problems reaching it, what deadly plants lurk in the nearby poison garden, and why Frank blames all Irish people for his dark love of eating jellybeans! 
Blame Canada!
Crokinole? Tim Hortons? Ridiculously polite people? Must be Canada, eh? This episode discusses the scenery, food, and all the reasons to visit the Great White North!

We reveal the goodness of waffles, the majesty of the Northern Lights, and even tell you why the guys from South Park were cheated out of an Academy Award!
Pitch a tent, unroll a sleeping bag, and join our camping episode! We cover RVs, cabins, car camping, glamping, primitive camping, and even how to sleep on top of cars!
The Appalachian Trail, Qantas Airlines, and Leatherman Multitools are all featured on this Camp-O-Rama!
Welcome Aboard!
Want the inside scoop on air travel from a flight attendant? We've got it right here! Part One of our Three-Part Frequent Flyers Series talks to an actual flight attendant about lots of stuff, including how they work with passengers, the yuckiest part of their job, and how they feel about babies on the plane!
From The Flight Deck!
Who's as cool as Batman? A pilot! Part Two of our Three-Part Frequent Flyers Series talks to an actual pilot of a major airline! Find out about a bunch of topics, like why they don't panic in turbulence, how they get that reassuring pilot intercom voice, and how they pass the time on long flights!
Prepare For Takeoff!
Want inside tips and tricks on how we fly? We spill the beans on Part Three of our Three-Part Frequent Flyers Series! Learn our secrets of picking flights, taking bumps, where to sit, what to pack, what food to order, the pros and cons of airport lounges, and lots more!
Livin' La Lisbon Loca!
A proud city in a must-see country, Lisbon, Portugal, is full of culture, great food, and amazing music! Join us as we tour an inverted tower, a museum of old carriages, and an authentic Fado cafe'! 
We also talk about a man who lived hidden in the Chicago O'Hare International Airport for three months! Crazy stuff!
Run! Zombies!
Zombies! The walking dead! Time to run for your life! This heart-pumping episode screams through the zombie runs, charity 5Ks, marathons, triathlons, and other activities that will get you off the couch!
We tell you how to outrun the zombie army, give you tips for other road races, and even tell you how the Chinese government is regulating their flight attendants during Covid!
Marie Cafe.jpg
Nice is Nice!
This day trip takes us to Nice, France! Tour this lovely city with us as we experience the arts, foods, and sights of everything that is Nice! Learn how to park semi-legally, find perfect crepes, and drive narrow switchback roads in heroic fashion!
Say Say Marseille!
This day trip visits Marseille, a French seaport that features crunchy navettes and delicious bouillabaisse! We also head to Aix-en-Provence, home of Paul Cezanne, 1,000 outdoor fountains, and some funky street layouts!
We're On A Boat!
Food buffets! Unlimited booze! Must be on a boat! Part Four of our Four Part Med Cruise Series talks about the good and bad parts of the MSC Grandiosa! Find out when to book a massage, which package deals you should get, how to get mixed drinks at a discount, and why Zoe the Personal Cruise Assistant is not helpful! As a bonus, we tell you why EasyJet is making house calls in London! 
Gonna Gonna Barcelona!
Amazing architecture! Yummy food! A laid-back vibe on the Mediterranean coast! It's Barcelona! Part Three of our Four Part Med Cruise Series features this vibrant Spanish city with a visit to a meat shop, a cupcakery, and the legendary Basilica de la Sagrada Familia!
We debate the value of tour buses, plus we check out a Maldives resort with unlimited visits for the next year! And remember this fact, Barcelona spells REAL BACON!
Malta Cops Pic.jpg
We Halta for Malta!
On Part Two of our Four Part Med Cruise Series, we check out Valletta, Malta! History, culture, Mdina glass, and the legendary pastizz snack food! Plus can a cannonball blast a pigeon out of the air? And how does Arizona smell?
Viva Italia!
On Part One of our Four Part Med Cruise Series, we tackle Genoa, Civitavecchia, Vatican City, and Palermo! We ate! We drank! And we totally screwed up our schedule in Sicily! 
We also give you the link to find a Papal Mass, plus tell you about a new idea in traveling where you sleep and dream your way to foreign lands
The Truffles We've Seen!
Join us for a truffle hunt in the south of France! Learn 
why truffles are so expensive, where you can hunt truffles, and how to prepare truffles at home!
We also give you the link to the truffle farm to visit, plus tell you how you can become a Space Hero! 
You Cannes Do It!
Want to walk the red carpet at Cannes? It's easy as long as the Film Festival isn't going on! Join us as we hit this gorgeous movie star hangout during an awesome New Year's Eve celebration!
We also tell you how to crash the film festival when it's in town, how to blend in with the beautiful people, and how you can be the Fresh Prince of Bel Air!
Go Go Monaco!
Champagne dreams? Caviar wishes? Sounds like Monaco! Join our trip to a tiny country with serious cash, decadent cuisine, luxurious cars, and the one-of-a-kind Monte Carlo Casino! Fancy? Swanky? Yes to both! Listen in as we discuss the shopping, eating, gambling, and lifestyle of this haven tucked into the southern coast of France!
Plus, we discuss the Tokyo Toilet Project, where leading Japanese architects improve public toilets in Tokyo parks!
Land Of The Lost Luggage!
Ever lose a bag? We found it at Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro, Alabama, where lost and forgotten luggage is up for sale! We tell you about the clothing, jewelry, electronics, and everything on the showroom floor!
We also highlight a soda fountain that's been in business since 1869, plus learn about a Taiwan contest for a flight that would never leave the ground!
Part Three of our special three-part series on Istanbul, Turkey, dives into the flavor, taste, and aromatics of all things delicious. Learn about kebabs, doners, baklava, kofta, tea, coffee, and all of the amazing spices that make Turkey a culinary destination! Join us in the Sultanahmet District in Old Town Istanbul!
We pass along professional tips for haggling at bazaars, plus update you on the Isle of Rum, a tiny Scottish island that is having a contest for you to relocate there!
Hookah Pic.jpg
Lookah At That Hookah!
Part Two of our three-part series on Istanbul, Turkey, features hookah protocol! Learn how to partake without looking like a total goofball and what flavors of hookah are best for beginners! 
Plus, we take a quick look at Venice where two German backpackers were fined $1,067 for making coffee! Listen in for the deets!
Turkey Mosque Pic.jpg
Turkey For Thanksgiving!
Part One of our special three-part series on Istanbul, Turkey, goes inside the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, and the Basilica Cistern! Navigate the crowds, deal with the pushy "helpers" who want to be your best friend, and learn what to wear for each venue!
And for a change of pace from a Turkey Thanksgiving, we'll tell you about a Swedish restaurant that only serves one person a day! 
Death By Earth!
Ah, plummeting from 10,000 feet in the air down to the Earth. Fun! Get ready to hop out of an airplane as a skydiving instructor takes you on a tandem dive! Learn the cheapest days to jump, why you want some clouds in the sky, and why a sunset jump will cost you extra!
Plus, are cruise ships getting rid of buffets to stop Covid? What the holy guacamole is going on here?
Bourbon Tour Pic.jpg
Kentucky Bourbon Trail!
Join our journey across the state of Kentucky for an inside look at the Kentucky Bourbon Tour. Find out how to get a Special Passport from the distilleries, what you should expect at each of the 16 bourbon makers, and why this is a bucket list item!
Camping Pic.jpg
Let's Poop In A Hole!
Substandard toilets? Or no toilet at all? This episode tells you how to stay squeaky clean in the great outdoors, how to go potty in developing countries without plumbing, plus we list the nasty diseases you can get if you don't wash your hands with soap. And if you've ever wanted to see the Museum of Toilet History, we'll tell you where to go!
Vacation Movie Pic.jpg
Vacation Movies!
Can't hit the road? Why not enjoy quality movies about travel and vacation? This episode suggests great movies to pass the time when you're stuck on the couch at home!
And we debate who is the ultimate travel actor! John Candy? Leonardo DiCaprio? It's a Battle Royale for movie supremacy!
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